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Adrienne Keller was Research Director of the National Social Norms Institute at the University of Virginia and is now retired. Any questions or comments can be directed to nsnc@msu.edu.

“Social Norms Nudging”

An interesting study on the most effective way to present normative information: Abstract: People's evaluations in the domain of healthy eating are at least partly determined by the choice context. We systematically test reference level and rank-based models of relative comparisons against each other and explore their application to social norms nudging, an intervention that aims [...]

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Reaching Community College Students with An Online Intervention

From a study published online in the journal, Addiction Research and Theory: Abstract: Problems associated with alcohol use are well-documented among traditional 4-year college students, but less is known about community college students' alcohol use. The few published articles that have investigated alcohol consumption among community college students suggest that risky alcohol consumption is a [...]

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Perceived Peer Norms Related to Binge Drinking for Hispanic Youth

Here's a summary of an interesting presentation slated for November 1, 2015, at the 143rd annual meeting of the American Public Health Association in Chicago: Background: Hispanic adolescents are at increased risk for alcohol use and binge drinking. Research is needed to more thoroughly understand the variables involved with such high rates of alcohol use. The present [...]

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CDC’s Health Communication Science Digest: May Issue

The May issue of Health Communication Science Digest (HCSD or Digest) is now available at http://www.cdc.gov/healthcommunication/ScienceDigest/index.html This month in the Digest several authors report on health literacy initiatives (Duren-Winfield, et al.; Meppelink & Bol; Nouri & Rudd; Yamashita & Kunkel). Health communication campaigns and/or interventions, some yielding evidence of behavior change, are also detailed (Knowlden, et al.; Schwinn, et [...]

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Wordle, wordle on the wall…

Our colleagues at "The Well" at Virginia Commonwealth University recently found an interesting way to capture students' opinion of the Stall Seat Journals (SSJ) that are a core part of the social norms intervention program there: Linda Hancock, PhD, CFNP, RN, Director of the Well, describes what she did: "I just gave out 3x5 cards [...]

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Social Norms and Digital Addiction: Exploratory Research

From our colleagues "across the pond" comes this request for help with their exploratory research into social norms and "digital addiction": Dear colleagues, We are currently undertaking work in social norms aspects of digital addiction, lead by my colleague Dr Raian Ali. As part of this work we are conducting some exploratory studies, if you [...]

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“We flinch at the truth…”

"We flinch at the truth that most rapists are less likely to point a gun than to proffer a plastic cup of booze..." Nicholas Kristof, NYT Sunday Review" When the Rapist Doesn't See It As Rape. Nicholas Krisof is an op-ed columnist for the New York Times, a respected journalist and the father of college [...]

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How much should we worry about powdered alcohol?

Here's some useful information about powdered alcohol (Palcohol) from Kristen Kidd Donovan, MPH, the very experienced Assistant Director of Substance Abuse Prevention for the Wellness Center at Virginia Commonwealth University: In an informal email, Kristen wrote: I spent some time this week wrapping my head around this problem, and I'm ready to cross it off [...]

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Where do I rank?

This interesting small experiment randomly assigned 101 U.K. college students with excessive drinking to one of four conditions. In each condition, the students received one message a week for four weeks. The messages varied by condition: official alcohol consumption guidelines  how their consumption compared to official guidelines how their consumption compared to the sample mean where their [...]

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We've just added an important new resource: a complete archive of the Report on Social Norms, edited by Alan Berkowitz, PhD, published from 2002-2005. The 37 issues and working papers cover many important topics in social norms, including interventions on diverse health behaviors for diverse populations, summaries of conference presentations, and the perspectives of leading researchers. The Archive [...]

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